Item collection 6976423 original

Cold Porcelain Floral Wedding Cake Topper


Item collection 3766581 original

Turquois Cold Porcelain Floral French Barrette


Item collection 7095416 original

Purple Cold Porcelain Floral Clip Earrings


Item collection 7095407 original

Red Cold Porcelain Floral Clip Earrings


Item collection 6558928 original

Yellow Cold Porcelain Floral Earrings


Item collection 6547921 original

Yellow Cold Porcelain Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1427217 original

Bright Red Floral Pendant and Earrings


Item collection 1917416 original

Cold Porcelain Daisy Barrette


Item collection 1134299 original

Pink Floral Adjustable Ring


Item collection 1001462 original

Pink Adjustable Cold Porcelain Floral Ring


Item collection 1532240 original

Black Floral Cold Porcelain Earrings


Item collection 1532241 original

Red,White and Blue Floral Pin


Bread Dough Roses and Cold Porcelain Floral Jewelry, Cake Toppers and More!

Welcome to my garden of bread dough roses and cold porcelain floral that will never wilt, fade, crumble or die .......and never need watering!!

Flowers attract bees, birds, babes and a lot of guys too! It's easy to find a gift for anyone on your list when you consider flowers, especially if they will last forever!!!