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Floral Arrangement, Handmade Coral Flowers,Cold Porcelain,Durable,Gift


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Wall Decor - Wicker Heart Decorated with Handmade Yellow and White Cold Porcelain Flowers


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Cold Porcelain Floral Arrangement


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Decorative Mini Pitcher


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Red Cold Porcelain Floral Arrangment in Napkin Ring


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Red Cold Porcelain Roses on Wicker Heart Wall Decor


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4" Cold Porcelain Floral French Barrette


Bread Dough Roses and Cold Porcelain Floral Jewelry, Cake Toppers and More!

Welcome to my garden of bread dough roses and cold porcelain floral that will never wilt, fade, crumble or die .......and never need watering!!

Flowers attract bees, birds, babes and a lot of guys too! It's easy to find a gift for anyone on your list when you consider flowers, especially if they will last forever!!!